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Sunday, December 21, 2014

EQUINOX Driver Placement


Drivers have the upper hand when smart, qualified drivers are in short supply.

Lend your hand to those carriers who reputations are the strongest and whose pay plans are the fairest. Your equipment and expertise don’t belong just with any carrier - they belong with the best carriers.

Sign up today at EQUINOX Driver Placement by clicking the button below. EQUINOX Driver Placement was created by the experts at EQUINOX Owner-Operator Solutions, who have helped thousands of drivers for over 14 years run their independent trucking business profitably and safely.

EQUINOX Driver Placement is a revolutionary new service that places the power to control your career firmly in your hands. Begin by clicking the button below and building your driver profile. EQUINOX will recommend and help place you with the right carrier based on your qualifications, driving history and other factors.

Don’t take chances with your livelihood. Put your upper hand firmly on the driving wheel by joining today at EQUINOX Driver Placement and let the best carrier’s come to you.

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See for yourself how being an independent driver can pay off. Your future is just waiting for you to turn the ignition.

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